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Mystic Puppy Dog Food Lamb and Rice -15kg

Dog Food With Lamb and Rice

% 70 Animal Protein.  % 30 Grain Vegetables Fruits. Omega 3&6

15Kg – 6500 Kshs

2.5Kg – 1800 Kshs

KSh 6,500.00


Mystic Puppy Food Lamb and Rice is a food that will support the development of your puppy up to 12 months, which your puppy will eat heartily. It is an excellent dry food prepared with the highest quality fresh lamb meat, dried lamb meat, dried vegetables, and fruits, as well as rich supportive products. The product is produced using Liquefied Fresh Meat Injection System (FMIS).

Besin Değerleri
Raw Ash%8
Raw Cellulose%4
Omega 63.60
Omega 30.75
Vit A37.500 IU/kg
Vit D2250 IU/kg
Vit E225 mg/kg
Vit C38 mg/kg
Copper (as sulfate)15 mg/kg
Zinc (as sulfate)80 mg/kg
Zinc (as chelate)20 mg/kg
Manganese27 mg/kg
Selenium0.26 mg/kg
Glucomazine600 mg/kg
Chondrotin400 mg/kg

Nutrition Table

Weight(Kg)Daily Nutrition Quantity (GR)
0,5 – 1 kg35 – 50 gr
2,5 – 3 kg100 – 130 gr
4 – 5 kg165 – 195 gr
6 – 7 kg220 – 250 gr
8 – 9 kg280 – 300 gr


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Mystic Adult Dog Food Lamb And Rice -15kg

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